The One Word TAG- you’re all TAGGED

I saw This TAG on Malvika’s Blog and I wanted to do it. It looks fun to do and probably challenging which is something I need right now.

There’s only one rule to this, and that is to answer the question with one word. Here are the questions and answers:

Where is your cell phone? – Draw

Your partner? – non-existant

Your hair? – Straightened

Your mother? – Home

Your father? – Passed

Your favourite material object? – Phone

Your dream from last night? – Possible

Your favourite drink? – Snapple

Your dream car? – Audi

The room in which you are right now? – Large

Your ex? – Alive

Your fear? – Failing

What do you want to be in 10 years? – settled

Who did you spend last night? – Family

Where are you now? – Work

What did you do last night? – chilled

What’s the last thing you did before this? – Dinner

What are you wearing? – Clothes

Your favourite book? – Private Peaceful

The last thing you ate? – cheese/onion pasty

Your life? – OK

Your mood? – Tired

Your friends? – Smart

What are you thinking about right now? – life

What are you doing now? – Typing

Your summer? – Fun

What’s on your TV? – Eastenders

The last time you laughed? –yesterday

The last time you cried? – monday

School? – Amazing

What are you listening to? – Playlist

Your favourite weekend activity? – shopping

Dream job? – Hard

Your computer? – Non-existent

Just outside your window? – Buildings

Beer? – yuck

Mexican food? – YASSS

Winter? – freezing

Religion? – Hindu

Vacation? – Soon

On your bed? – nope

I tag you all, would love to see Your answers



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