Human Trafficking, little Girls In Asia-MARDAANI

Recently I watched an Indian movie called ” MARDAANI”

I saw the cover on Netflix and thought it might be about being a female officer but it wasn’t.

It was based on child trafficking. people where picking up girls on the streets but drugging them, making and them unconscious. TOO many people were involved, from the shop keeper, to the food stall on the street.

these girls where no older that 13. The were showered down and then inspected one by 1 depending on whether they were virgins or not. then explained what they were there for.

they were shipped from India to Hong Kong some went to London. at these events they were auctioned off, a bit like the film “TAKEN”

I was disgusted that these old ugly men were even anywhere near these girls forget paying for them. they didn’t they have any SHAME. it made me cringe and very angry

When it comes to India we know there’s always a politician involved and he was the ring leader. TYPICAL!

The people got what they deserved in the end but this is happening in real life everyday all over the world. FAC India is the HUB for Child Trafficking

These young girls should have security all the time. get picked up and dropped to school. walk in packs with boys and girls. at least until they are 19. watch their backs and not trust anyone or anything.


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